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Lumens: 1620 lumens
Throw: 125 metres (real world, ANSI is 267 metres)
Length: 130 mm
Beam Type: Reflector – Spot surrounded by flood


The Sniper is the original rechargeable tactical torch. It’s modest dimensions contradict its 1620 lumen output. It features multiple levels of output, is regulated and rechargeable. This torch is equally at home on an appointment belt, in a jean pocket around the campfire or on the end of an entry weapon.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The Sniper Ultra has a 1620 lumen LED which will  reach 125 metres. This LED is housed in a reflector head which means the beam is a combination of spot surrounded by flood, perfect for searching, no matter if that searching is for an offender or for your dog. The modest depth of the reflector is reflected in the throw, if you want more try a Sniper II Pro or Pro Police.
The Wolf Eyes Sniper Ultra torch also features a high, medium, low output and strobe. The low beam is great for reading or writing without getting too much reflection from the paper, the LED strobe is great for emergencies.

TTT and Construction
The Sniper Ultra LED flashlight features the Wolf Eyes Thermal Transfer Tube (TTT) which is a brass liner designed to drag damaging heat away from the LED and radiate it from the body, basically using the whole body as a heatsink to radiate the heat away. The flashlight body is constructed of aircraft aluminium with a brass liner, the two metals together creating a structure stronger than either individually, then hard anodised black. The body is a standard 25.4 mm (1”) allowing fitment to numerous firearm mounts and also a good size to carry.

Being Regulated means your Wolf Eyes Sniper Ultra torch does not dim as the battery flattens. The regulation unit always provides the optimum amount of power to the LED, meaning that as the voltage goes down as the battery flattens we increase the amperage to still provide the same current to the LED. This also works in reverse, contrary to what is advertised you do not want to use multiple batteries to overpower your LED, while it will shine brightly for a short time it will eventually overheat and suffer reduced output for the rest of it’s life.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Sniper Ultra LED torch uses our HDB168 (18650) rechargeable battery which is a protected lithium ion battery. This battery is able to discharge large currents instantaneously. Being Lithium Ion means the battery has large reserves of power, meaning only one is required which keeps the torch profile within 25.4mm, important for a professional use flashlight and compatibility with all mounts.

Cold Weather
Due to the rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries the Sniper flashlight works well in sub zero conditions, unlike most batteries which lose substantial reserves if used in lower temperatures. The picture below is of a Wolf Eyes Sniper torch on low, which was then put in the freezer and frozen. After 4 days it was still shining – inside the ice cube!

Australian Approved Charger
Your Wolf Eyes torch is supplied with an Australian Approved Charger, meaning firstly it is safe for your or your staff and secondly all your insurances apply (Building, Workers Comp, Home).

The Sniper Ultra rechargeable LED torch has a removable LED which can be upgraded when suitable newer LEDs come out. The Sniper originally started with 100 lumens!

As can be seen a number of Wolf Eyes torches are waterproof including the Sniper, but I would choose something from our diving line for diving use.

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