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Lumens: 3,400 lumens
Throw: 150 metres – 443 metres according to ANSI/NEMA FL 1-2009 which is always optimistic
Beam Intensity: 49,037 cd
Length: 216 mm
Head: 73mm diameter
Body: 46mm diameter
Beam Type: Reflector – Spot surrounded by flood

We assemble this torch by hand to ensure it has the best heat sinking we can provide to sustain these outputs. This isn’t one of those torches which gives 10,000 lumens for 1 minute then drops the power back (and the throw!), this sustains what it says on the tin for the duration. We put heatsinking paste around the heavy metal reflector assembly then gently screw it into the body so the damaging heat from the three high powered LEDs is transferred from the LEDs to the reflector assembly and then to the body of the flashlight.

The Pilot Whale 11 Dive is just as comfortable on land as it is below water. The large 3,400 lumen output from the 3 LEDs provides the light needed to break through inky waters but also works just as effectively above water to create a huge pool of light in it’s beam. You have total control over this pool of light with the magnetic selector ring which allows you to choose any of the 5 output levels. We definitely sell more to people who aren’t divers than we do to divers, though it can never hurt to be waterproof down to 100 metres in any application.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
Amazingly the three LEDs in their reflectors combine to give a very even beam of spot surrounded by flood. There is a lot of light in both spot and flood, all extremely even and clear – the Pilot Whale II Dive is the personal favourite of a number of staff members here due to its great even beam. As well as the quality beam, you have control over the intensity of light with the magnetic selector ring which gives you high beam, medium, medium/low, low and strobe.


Turbo: 70 minutes
High: 90 minutes
Medium: 220 minutes
Low: 45 hours

The 3 LEDs are mounted to a solid metal base which is screwed into the body to enable a good thermal connection to wick heat damaging away from the LEDs, important when used on land . The hand sized body houses a battery magazine housing 3 batteries, which can also be used to charge the batteries three up. The Pilot Whale II Dive LED torch is rated down to 100 metres.

An LED torch such as the Pilot Whale 11 Dive needs to be regulated and in this case certainly is. Regulation means we regulate the amount of current reaching the LEDs to be the absolute optimum, not too much (which will overheat the LEDs and permanently damage them) but also no too little such as when the voltage reduces as the battery flattens. To solve this problem we increase the amperage as the battery flattens, so your LED flashlight has a consistent brightness.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Pilot Whale 11 Dive torch uses the same battery as almost all other Wolf Eyes torches and headlamps, the LRB168 (18650) lithium ion battery. This is housed in a 3 battery magazine for convenience when changing. These batteries are fully protected for your safety.

Australian Approved Charger
The charger supplied with your Wolf Eyes Pilot Whale 11 Dive flashlight is Australian Approved, this means you are safer when using it and that all your insurances will apply.

Down to 100 metres.

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