Bushranger L361 Straight Shaft Loop Handle Trimmer


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Power through the undergrowth or trim along a pathway, This BUSHRANGER loop handle trimmer can do it all. Lightweight, powerful and ergonomically designed, this trimmer which is made in Japan has quality written all over it. From the powerful 35.5 cc 2-stroke engine which has a chrome impregnated cylinder liner and is designed for higher performance, higher torque, low and clean exhaust emissions, low noise and low running costs. To the solid steel drive shaft, tank guard and anti-vibration front handle this heavy-duty machine is waiting for work.


  • Two stroke engine, 35.5 cc (1.4 kW).
  • Chrome impregnated cylinder liner.
  • Loop type handle.
  • Harness hook.
  • Fuel tank guard.
  • Nylon head: M-Twist 4”.
  • Drive shaft: solid 8 mm.
  • Drive Shaft length: 1544 mm.
  • Drive shaft bushing: 5.
  • Shaft outer diameter: 26 mm aluminium.
  • Made in Japan.

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