Oilskin Reproofer B.K. Smith Australian 375ml


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The B.K. Smith Australian Oilskin Reproofer restores the water repellency of oilskins including clothing and accessories. Our Australian made Oilskin Reproofer comes with an easy to use spray applicator that ensures your oilskin products remain at their optimum best quality whether it be coats and clothing to footwear, camping and outdoor gear. it is non-greasy, antibacterial and prevents mould and mildew. Simply hold the spray 25cm from the article, completely wet the surface and allow to dry thoroughly.

The Oilskin Reproofer has been rigorously tested in a series of laboratory trials resulting in a substantial improvement in the resitenece to water penetration of oilskin. The results indicated that it is desirable to reproof the fabric on a regular basis rather tahn waiting for it to have a severely reduced resistance to water penetration.

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