Arrow – Easton PowerFlight 500 PF500


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Easton PowerFlight delivers the right balance of speed and hard-hitting energy in an all-carbon

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Seamless C2 shafts produce more accurate arrows.

Unidirectional, carbon fibre core for precise component fit.

High strength composite fibres for exceptional durability and hoop strength.

Micro-smooth finish for quiet release and easier removal from targets.

A heavy duty shaft at an affordable price. When you need speed and energy, look no further than PowerFlight. The name says it all.

Made in USA.

Go with the best. Go Easton PowerFlight.

—Available in 500, 400, 340, 300 shaft sizes. Please specify size.

—Straightness: /- .006″

—Weight tolerance: /- 2.0 grains

—C2 carbon construction

—Black micro smooth finish

—Super Nock installed

—CB insert included

—Points and Broadhead Adaptor Rings sold separately

—CB Points, UNI and G Nock sold separately

—One size CB insert and CB point fits all PowerFlight shaft sizes


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